Rural Library Foundation is a Non-Profit organization, Tax-ID: 46-5683604. Registered under Sec. 501C(3) in USA.

A dream taking shape...

This is a voluntary organization based in India through which you can sponsor a library in your village to help inculcate the reading habit in school going children or the youth in a village. Currently, we are running 100+ libraries in 25 districts of Telangana with the help of Non-Resident Indians and local sponsors.

Together we can make a difference...

The mission of the Rural Library Foundation is to inculcate the reading habit in the rural children and youth, primarily with the support of a sponsor from each village, and to assist them in enhancing their knowledge as they grow, to become confident, competent, and caring individuals.

Be the change you wish to see in this world...

There is no promise: only a belief and commitment that working for the community shall benefit it, and to light the lamp of knowledge and curiosity so that each lamp that is lit, lights more like itself and we can make an unbroken chain. Please help either by spending some time as a volunteer or by donating money to this noble cause. We, the people, can bring about a significant change in the lives of future generations who will help build a better nation and a better world!

Journey towards it …

Making this idea work wasn’t a smooth affair at all. After all, we had to build it from scratch. We persisted and learnt lessons in the process of doing things.  

  • Year 2000: Started with five libraries. However, only after six months we had to wind up one, and scale down another. We learnt most of our lessons during this period
  • Year 2001 & 2002: Did not start any new libraries. We were still learning while operating the four libraries.
  • Year 2003: Started 3 more libraries but closed one library temporarily, taking the total to 5 active libraries.
  • Year 2004: Started six new libraries, taking the total number to 11.
  • Year 2005: Started 3 new libraries and reopened the temporarily closed library, taking the total number to 15.
  • Year 2007: Started 3 new libraries, taking the total to 18.
  • Year 2008: Started 4 new libraries, taking the total to 22 -- including one in a foster care center serving 30 kids.
  • Year 2009: Started 2 new libraries, taking the total to 24.
  • Year 2010: Started a new library, taking the total to 25.
  • Year 2011: RLF supports 23 libraries after winding up 2 libraries.
  • Year 2012: Started 7 libraries and windup 2 libraries, taking the total to 28.
  • Year 2013: Started 11 libraries, RLF supports 39 libraries in total.
  • Year 2014: Started 2 and closed 2 libraries
  • Year 2015: Started 7 libraries, taking total to 46.
  • Year 2016: Started 18 libraries, RLF supports 64 libraries in total.
  • Year 2017: Started 6 libraries, RLF supports 70 libraries in total.
  • Year 2018: Started 10 libraries, RLF supports 80 libraries in total.
  • Year 2019: Started 9 libraries, RLF supports 89 libraries in total.
  • Year 2020: Schools closed due to Covid-19
  • Year 2020: 101 Libraries started so far and in that 12 libraries closed temporarily
  • Year 2021: Started 6 libraries, RLF supports 95 active libraries in total.
  • Year 2022: Started 1 library, RLF supports 96 active libraries in total.