Who is running RLF?

RLF's Active Committee consists of people from varied backgrounds. They include professors, librarians, software professionals, community organizers, development professionals and others. They are a group of people who have learned their initial lessons in government schools (Zilla Parishad schools, in Telangana/India), know the sad state of the facilities in these schools and firmly believe that they can make a positive difference through their initiative.

The situation in these schools has not changed much since their inception. Some of these schools don't even have benches for the students to sit, leave alone a library or a science lab. To start with, RLF has prioritized and chosen to help these schools by providing small libraries. The donations collected would be used to purchase books and equipment required to run the libraries.

Who is funding RLF?

Today, RLF is mainly funded by individuals who hail from the respective villages and contribute to start one or more libraries in Zilla Parishad schools in villages of their choice.

Each RLF contributor has adopted one or more of these schools in villages of their choice . To begin with, it costs at least Rs.25, 000( $ 350 US) for starting a library with a minimum set of books and furniture. Thereafter, approximately Rs.10,000 ($ 120 US) is needed every year for the regular upkeep, including for the periodicals and honorarium for the librarian. This program is maintained and monitored by RLF's active committee, who not only do all the groundwork required to start, but also maintain and monitor the library. The committee periodically reports to the sponsor regarding the functioning of their village library and finances.

This program has already been implemented successfully in 80 schools in 25 districts of of Telangana state in India. We are working towards establishing more of these in all districts of Telangana state in the near future.

How can you contribute?

We request your generous contributions towards this noble cause of helping underprivileged children get a better education. If you wish to contribute monetarily, or otherwise please contact someone in the list of contacts mentioned in the "Contact Us" section of this website.